About Me

Organization and Information Architecture

When the intended audience finds a website, it is of primary importance that they come away with the desired message. Laying out a website with this in mind has become one of the core requirements of an excellent web designer. I create websites which introduce the relevant information to the end user and then leads them naturally down the path toward understanding your business and products.

  • Identifying navigation paradigms, page flows, and data layouts ensuring consistent look and feel
  • Detailed attention to quality user experience, including clear actions, progressive disclosure, breadcrumbs and progress bars.
  • Understand best practices in internet design and always on the cutting edge of new technology

Visual Design

If it is not pleasant to the eye, the end user will be less likely to use the website and their impression of your business will be diminished. Depending on the audience, different styles of graphics, logos, and colors will be desired over others. Knowing how to gear design elements toward a specific audience is key to catching the user’s eye!

  • Experienced in developing logos specific to the company
  • Detailed understanding of typography and color to deliver cohesive message
  • High level knowledge of Photoshop and Fireworks

Efficient Coding

Web design is a field immersed in a constant flow of innovation and creation. Coding your website efficiently effects not only the user but also can effect Google search engine rankings. And using tools like WordPress themes and Jquery plugins allow the coding of numerous features in much shorter time.

  • Solid understanding of search engine optimization techniques and building sites to maximize organic searches
  • Good knowledge of cross-browser compatibility and browser degradation strategies
  • High level knowledge of WordPress, CSS, and HTML including CSS3 and HTML5
  • Experience in Javascript (jquery) and FBML(Facebook)
  • Experience with phpMyAdmin and OAMP

CMS Training

The website needs of a business today are rarely static. An important part of completing a website for a client today means ensuring that they will be able to understand the tool used to add new content to the website.

  • Custom design of the WordPress CMS admin tool to make tool more friendly to users
  • Detailed training on adding posts, pages, photos, videos, and links
  • Training on adding SEO data to posts to ensure best possible search engine rankings
  • Training to moderate comments effectively
  • Training to understanding Google Analytics and use Goal Conversion tools


  • Web Designer for Look Strategies (Nov. 2008 – Present, June 2005 – Dec. 2007)
  • Business Analyst & User Experience Strategist for nomee.com (Dec. 2007 – Nov 2008)
  • Business Analyst for Laureate Education (Feb. 2003 – April 2005)
  • Project Manager/QA Lead for Talkie, Inc. (June 2000 – Dec. 2002)
  • Product Assistant for LiquidMarket/NBCi (Apr. 1999 – May 2000)
  • BS in Radio/TV/Film from UT (Dec. 1997)